MARC is intended to be used in a variety of real-world applications, which can be achieved thanks to it’s minimalistic design, which uses as few moving parts as possible. Many of the original ideas from our initial concept remained the same through the prototyping phase of creating our product.

Using bracket-shaped links, we were able to form a chain that mimicks the motion of a human muscle. Using electromagnets, the device expands and contracts on command.
MARC in its current stage is meant for commercial industrial use only therefore a need to suit its attractiveness towards the common consumer is not as necessary as it would be should MARC be a consumer product. That in mind an appealing and tasteful look is still needed for increasing sales and captivating the attention of potential buyers. Using PLA filament combined with 3D printing to create the body of MARC gives Engineers a plentiful amount of color to be creative with, as PLA filament comes in almost every color and can be changed to the liking of the consumers. Choosing which color our engineering team will be making MARC out of took some research into the mind of customers. Acknowledging that the use of this robotic contraption will be sold to serious professional businessmen in the industrial field, the look we wished to approach was one that would attract positive connotations.

After some research, our group decided upon white for several reasons. White symbolizes many important ideas that our group wishes MARC to convey, such as cleanliness, safety and goodness.

These ideals should be important since this is a complex system and presenting the idea of safety and goodness to the customer is an important trait to assure the consumer that MARC is a reliable machine fit for any business.

Other important aspects of MARC include the copper wire needed to provide electricity to the soft iron core. For the device to work properly the copper wire must not be insulated at some points, this means that the bronze looking copper color is something that can not be altered. Fortunately the white color of the PLA filament will make the wiring look more appropriate and formal. These are the 2 main features of MARC that the aesthetics play a big part in to increase the positive response back from potential buyers and general public.

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