Technical Review

This was a very impressive project! It’s obvious that a lot of work, thought and effort went into this presentation. Slides with too many words distract the audience. Sometimes it’s helpful to share hard copy hand-outs of the slides so that people could jot down notes/questions, as the presentation goes. That way, they can ask[…]



Our idea initially required a large amount of research and development before we were able to move forward with developing a prototype. We worked out concept problems such as assembly, retraction, expansion, and containment. Other research topics include design, manufacturing, ergonomics, aesthetics, and more. MARC is used to replicate the human muscle for robotic contraction[…]



MARC is intended to be used in a variety of real-world applications, which can be achieved thanks to it’s minimalistic design, which uses as few moving parts as possible. Many of the original ideas from our initial concept remained the same through the prototyping phase of creating our product. Using bracket-shaped links, we were able[…]